Gratitude and Self Love

girl looking in the mirror with gratitude and self love

You can create gratitude and radiate self love by starting with one little step. You can appreciate just one thing about yourself. And from there, love will permeate every part of your body, mind, heart and spirit. When you were little, you may have been led to believe things about yourself by your parents, family…

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Appreciation and Manifestation

Listen to our podcast on APPRECIATION AND MANIFESTATION! You may be thinking that you already have this topic covered, but trust me you won’t want to miss this Free Power Hour. The small amount of time you invest in this will save you a TON of time and frustration as well as give you exclusive…

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Giving and Receiving


Giving and Receiving are the same energy. If you refuse either one, in any direction, the flow will be blocked. Most people know how to give; however, few people know how to receive. They don’t view it as humble — or they see it as having strings attached. Others feel they must be deserving of…

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You’ll Believe it When You See It

For the last two weeks we have been talking about the power of appreciation and gratitude. We each have the power to use our internal tuning fork to harness the energy of the Universe. What would your life look like if you could have anything you wanted? You can! The saying, “seeing is believing” or…

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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Last week we began talking about the power of appreciation and its ability to energetically transform our lives and bring to us all that we desire. This week, I want to give you a powerful exercise that I promise will transform your relationship with yourself and transform the way you see the world and how…

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Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate

Happy Monday! For the next three weeks we will be talking about the Law of Appreciation and the power it has to transform our lives and manifest our desires. So what is appreciation? I like to think of it as your vibrational tuning fork. You’re tuning in to what it is that you want to…

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Giving = Receiving

Ask yourself this question? Is it easier for me to give or receive? For many of us, it is much easier to give. We may have grown up being told that it is better to give than to receive. We have been told that being generous is noble and receiving and accepting praise is prideful.…

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