Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate

What vibrations are you sending out- Happy Monday! For the next three weeks we will be talking about the Law of Appreciation and the power it has to transform our lives and manifest our desires.

So what is appreciation? I like to think of it as your vibrational tuning fork. You’re tuning in to what it is that you want to have more of in your life. We are all sending out energy vibrations constantly. And those vibrations attract back to us like energy.

Let’s look at it in the context of relationships. Let’s say you are in a relationship that you don’t necessarily like, or maybe there are some aspects of it that aren’t working. Do you throw the relationship out? Some people do. Rather than shift their perspective, they give up. But inevitably, because of our subconscious beliefs about ourselves, we become the common denominator in the relationship equation and soon may find ourselves in the same relationship with a different face. You will continue to draw like energy to you until you shift something inside of you.

For instance, if your partner is always on his/her phone at dinner, and you are angry and thinking, “Why is he ignoring me?” “He’s being disrespectful.” “I must be boring”, you are sending that energy out into the universe. If you are using that as a tuning fork, then that is exactly what you will get more of, not only from your partner. You may find that suddenly you are feeling ignored by your boss or disrespected by your children.

So what can we do to tune our forks toward the positive? Staying with our relationship example, focus on just one thing that you appreciate about that person. It doesn’t have to be something major. For instance, my husband brings me coffee in the morning. It’s something I really appreciate about him. For two minutes, think about that behavior, that part of the person that you appreciate. Feel the energy behind it.

What will happen is that that feeling of appreciation will shift how you feel for that moment, but even more importantly, the signal you are sending out will do one of two things:

  1. That person will rise to that vibration because they receive it and they want to match your higher vibration. Or
  2. That feeling and energy of appreciation will move right through that person to something or someone else in your life that is vibrating at that level. Either way, you get what you want… To be appreciated.

Appreciation is never wasted. It’s eternal. It either lands on the person or job that you are consciously thinking about, or goes right through to something else in your life, which is ultimately for your best and highest good.

We may have accumulated a lot of evidence from our past or even present situation that we cannot have certain things in our lives or maybe it’s just too hard to achieve them. You may feel you don’t deserve the big house, the fancy car, a loving, supportive partner.

So your belief system is formed. We believe it’s real and that it’s the truth and it’s your fate. Until you receive new evidence.

That evidence is there, waiting for you to see it. Join me next week when we talk about ways to see that evidence and shift our energy so that everything we want begins to manifest in our lives. Stay tuned!