Trusting Your Intuition


What is intuition? You might call it your inner guide, a gut feeling, your inner wisdom or your higher self. For me, I get a tingling in my gut when my intuition wants to be heard, or when it’s pushing me toward something.

And what can trusting your intuition do for your journey? Find out in this podcast — a recording of our latest Power Hour.

Your intuition is never wrong — that’s a fact. Trusting your intuition means trusting yourself, as well as God, Great Spirit, The Universe, or whatever you see as your higher power. You are part of that entity. You are not separate from it or from any other person on earth. Understand that connection, and The Universe’s interest in seeing you fulfill your purpose on this earth, and you’ll start to understand the purpose and the infallibility of your intuition.

Recognizing Intuition

If you’ve ever had a feeling that you need to move toward something, that’s intuition. And if you’ve ever decided against following that nudge, and then realized you made a mistake…well, then you really know what intuition is.

Your intuition is the female part of you (we’re all made up of both male and female qualities). It’s your right brain; your emotional brain. It’s the part that doesn’t analyze or intellectualize. It just feels.

When you follow that part of your brain, then you’re following your intuition. If you deny it, then you are denying your intuition and choosing fear or logic — and that decision will not be for the higher good of everyone involved.

The Courage Necessary for Trusting your Intuition

Sometimes following your gut, or trusting your intuition, isn’t going to make sense. It might go against the numbers, or be difficult to explain to those trying to talk you out of it. It might not win in a pro/con list. It may make you wonder what others will think, or it might bring up fear of the unknown.

But here’s the thing to remember: Your intuition is trying to nudge you toward the greatest good, in the highest interest of all involved. There is always a choice that will be the best for everyone it affects. Some decisions leave a person out; others are really good for some and bad for others. The best choices, though, are the best, on average, for everyone they affect. That’s the highest good, and in many cases, your intuition will push you in that direction.

Join me in this podcast as I discuss recognizing intuition, following it, and how to deal with the fear that might try to sabotage it. You’ll learn about the different ways fear can manifest itself, you’ll put yourself through a trust exercise, learn how to conduct a muscle test, and how to attract more trustworthy people into your life.

There so much to be experienced here, and I urge you to listen through to the end, where participants share their own intuitive happenings.

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