Fear and Anxiety in the Age of Coronavirus


Fear and anxiety are permeating the world right now. We don’t know when the Coronavirus Pandemic is going to end, so many of us project into the future and get caught up in a system of “what ifs.”

Give it to The Universe

It’s important to remember that much of this is out of your control. You can worry all day about models and statistics, but that’s not going to change any of it. You can, however, control what you do. You can wash your hands, avoid touching your face, keep social distance and stay at home. Those things are within your control. Everything else, you’ve got to say to The Universe (or Great Spirit, or God, or your higher power), “Handle this because I don’t know how.”

The Universe has limitless resources, most of which you have no access to. You can wash your hands, check your emails, clean your house, plant your garden, help your kids with their schoolwork…but you cannot control who’s wearing a mask, or how many people in your city are going to get sick.

Stand in the Eye of the Storm

A storm creates a pathway of destruction, but it also has creative energy. Where a storm cuts a path, flowers will grow. We have to break down to break through and break free.

That is what’s happening right now. There might be a storm raging all around you, but you have the choice to stand in your own power, in the center of that storm, where it’s calm. There, in the eye of the storm, you can see the contrast…and that will lead to clarity.

Fear and Anxiety in the Midst of Change

There’s no doubt that the world will change after COVID19 has passed. But who says it can’t be better? Just look at how the world is resting. Look at how families are spending time together, how the moon and stars are brighter at night without a cloud of pollution. Look at how many books are being read, how many walks are being taken.

You can still think in a “what if” kind of way. What if we all learn to be present? What if no one I love gets sick? What if medical staff, teachers, retail and grocery workers, and delivery personnel are more appreciated? What if I discover a new passion, or rediscover an old one? What if the world heals itself?

Come with me to explore the root cause of fear and anxiety. Learn about anticipatory grief, the reptilian brain, two types of fear, and the ways in which you can move past fear and anxiety to a new view of what’s going on in the world.

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