Intentional Visioning for 2020


Have you made a new year’s resolution? If it goes something like, “I’m going to stop smoking,” or, “I’m going to cut out carbs,” you may have difficulty keeping it.

That’s because when you think about what you’re NOT going to do, your brain and The Universe are only hearing “smoking” and “carbs.” And so, that’s where your attention rests. Suddenly, you might find yourself craving a cigarette or a donut with an intensity that’s stronger than ever before.

That’s the first rule of changemaking: forget the negatives. When you set your intentions, The Universe will delete the “not” and deliver the key words (smoking and carbs). That’s the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The next step is intentional visioning for 2020.

Allow me to explain.

Making Changes with Intentional Visioning

When you make a new year’s resolution, you’re thinking in terms of one action. For instance, you’re going to give up the next cigarette, and then say no to another.

Instead, when we envision a state we’d like to be in, like good health, we will start naturally making decisions that support that goal. Because your RAS (Reticular Activating System) is focused on good health, you will start to notice opportunities and be drawn to healthful decisions.

With intentional visioning, you will allow your mind to imagine how it feels to have already accomplished something. Maybe you close your eyes and imagine breathing freely and walking two miles without struggling. Or, maybe you bring those old jeans to the top of the pile and imagine how good it feels to zip them up without a struggle.

You see, when your brain imagines something, it’s almost as good as experiencing it. And when it experiences something positive, it wants more. You will make choices that lead to “more.”

In addition to that, all those positive thoughts about that wonderful experience will be pinging in The Universe, and you’ll receive more of the same. It’s the Law of Attraction—surely you’ve heard of it.

For 2020, instead of trying to quit something, think of the positive thing you wish to experience. Take time to meditate on how it will look and feel to be in that place or in that state. Avoid attaching time limits or details to the outcome…simply envision “this or something better.”

Then open your mind to making the choices that will lead to that circumstance, always choosing love over fear.

Does that seem like a lot? Or does intentional visioning sound a bit too foreign to put into action? Then let’s talk about some tactics you can use to shift your thinking and your focus so you can make 2020 your best year yet.

Strategies that Support Intentional Visioning

As you move through 2020, focused on your intention(s), there are a few strategies that can help you maintain the state of mind necessary for intentional visioning:

  • You can Create Profound Results:  You can create profound results for yourself, and everyone involved, by always adding value, by taking action even though you have doubt, by committing to your purpose, and always choosing love over fear. When you act with the best interest of everyone in mind, you will not only make a difference, you will be able to envision win/win situations and make choices that will lead to their manifestation.
  • Know that Integrity is the Essence of Success:  When you hold your shape, and don’t allow anything to push you off your center, then you have integrity. When you’re true to yourself and keep your word, you have integrity. And when you have integrity, your visions for 2020 will become reality.
  • Tell yourself that If You Can’t, You Must:  So many new year’s resolutions fail because we say (in one way or another), “I can’t.” Practice not only noticing how often you say that phrase, but change it to “I must.” As you envision your intended change(s) for 2020, you’ll find that in most cases, the things you think you can’t do, or those things you’re afraid to do, are the things most necessary for creating win/win situations and making a difference in the world.
  • Know your Purpose:  The honeybee’s goal is to gather nectar. But his purpose is to pollenate flowers. If your vision is short-sighted and you’re focused only on immediate gratification, you might miss out on why you’re here. Understand that everything you do, for the sake of creating win/win situations, matters. Take the time to think deeply about your purpose; and find joy in how your vision for 2020 will help you fulfill that purpose.
  • Allow Others to Love and Support You:  No matter what your past experiences have taught you, it’s time to say, “I now allow others to love and support me.” By freely accepting help, you are allowing others to experience the joy of giving. As you create your vision for 2020, imagine how others can help you make a difference in the world.
intentional visioning

A Few More Words About Intentional Visioning

There is no limit to what you can envision for 2020. You can focus on mental, physical, financial or spiritual change. You can try something new or improve an area of your life. You can do something you’ve been afraid to do. As long as it furthers your higher purpose, is the highest good for all involved, and is centered in love…anything is possible.

And speaking of possibilities, remember to let go of your attachment to the outcome. Instead, allow yourself to open up to all that’s possible. Because guess what? You might be wishing for something very specific, but The Universe has something better in mind.

So as you envision what 2020 will hold for you, remember to ask for “this or something better.” The Universe is conspiring in your favor, and it knows what’s best for you. Where your thoughts go, your energy will go. Where your energy goes, your thoughts will go. And through this progression, The Universe will guide you to your highest good in 2020.

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