Essence of Intimacy

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What is your idea of intimacy? Is it sex? Is it telling others your deep, dark secrets? The Essence of Intimacy is knowing that your Strength Lies in Your Vulnerability, in all types of circumstances and in all types of relationships.

At Essence of Being, we define intimacy as “In To Me See,” meaning that we commit ourselves to self-discovery and then allow others to see inside us.

This can be a scary proposition for many people. They might feel they’ll be judged, or that what they disclose will be held against them later. They might feel unwilling to let go; unable to allow those things they can’t control to happen.

And so, some of us numb out, or withdraw, or resist because it feels safer. When in fact, resistance creates tension, pain and conflict. Surrendering to the direction in which life naturally move us creates ease, peace and satisfaction. Resistance of flow is a waste of energy.

Essence of Intimacy: The Paradox

You might want to feel close to others, to feel love. But yet, you want to be alone. You might have pain around relationships of the past. But yet, you attract those same things to yourself in every relationship. This can be due to long-held beliefs imparted to you during childhood. They’re not your beliefs, but they’re still running your life. It could also be due to old wounds being brought up when love is present, for the purpose of healing.

No matter the reason, it’s important to understand that the Essence of Intimacy is to let go of control, and to allow yourself and others to look inside you.

In this podcast, I’m going to take you through two exercises: one to uncover your long-held beliefs around sex, and one to uncover your sexual values. We’ll look for patterns and determine which beliefs are keeping you from experiencing authentic intimacy.

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