Expect Nothing & Gain Everything

As human beings we have expectations. We expect when we arrive at work that we still have a job. We expect that our partner will come home at the end of the day. We expect the sun to come up. These are dramatic examples, but I would venture to say that for most of us,…

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Welcome to Essence of Being

Finally Burge’s Blogs are here. I love this outlet to speak to all of you who are light seekers and want to heal any wounds you may have or just allow your light to shine forth!! More to follow!!

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4 Steps to Unity

I just got a download on how to reframe affirmations so we can actually manifest the way we want to feel. The first step is to say “I want wealth”. This is a good first step because you are choosing what you want to have. However, this implies a duality of what you have and…

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