4 Steps to Unity

I just got a download on how to reframe affirmations so we can actually manifest the way we want to feel.

The first step is to say “I want wealth”. This is a good first step because you are choosing what you want to have. However, this implies a duality of what you have and have not.

The second step is “I am creating wealth”. This is a better way of saying you want something because it is putting you in action steps toward creating something. However, it still implies that you are somewhere else other than your goal.

The third step is “I am wealthy”. This implies that you are already wealthy and that you are continuing to be wealthy. This is a much better way of feeling your way to wealth. This also can bring up a little voice that says, “I really don’t believe it”. So energetically, it can bring you back to the feeling place that you are not wealthy.

However, the fourth step is “I am wealth”. This implies you are well and you are incomplete ownership of what you want. There is no duality in this phrase, it is only unity. By changing verbs to nouns, you can embrace exactly what it is you would like in a way that is a vibrational match and in harmony with spirit. Try it and see what you think.