Love and Grief: How do we Deal with It?

love and grief at the grave

Why is it so difficult to lose someone you love? To death, divorce, break-up or other circumstance? Why does love and grief have to be so traumatic?

It’s true: when you lose someone or something you love, the sadness and loneliness can be intense. You might feel like you will never be the same, or that they took a part of you with them.

The stages of grief teach us that it takes time to be at peace with loss; however, after that process is completed, it’s important to understand that you can feel joy again.

A Deeper Understanding of Love and Grief

Some people seem to know how to move on after the death or loss of a loved one. They let it go, move on to the next thing, they remain present.

For others, the grief lingers; they have trouble moving past it.

What’s the difference? Why do some people feel sadness, but still move forward? While others remain stuck, feeling like they’ll never be the same?

The answer is Connection to Source. You see, we are all autonomous. Whether we feel it or not, we are connected to The Universe, God, Great Spirit (whatever you wish to call it), and the more we recognize and feel that connection, the less we need others to fill our voids.

Maybe as a young person, you learned that love is conditional, or that you must earn it, or that it looks just one way. Maybe the idea of deserving love, and loving yourself, feels foreign. So for you, it might be difficult to feel that connection to source — the one that makes you feel whole, like nothing about you will change if you lose someone.

For those people who handle loss better than the rest…well, they feel that connection. They know they’ll feel grief, but they also know they can move forward as a whole person.

Do you want to feel that connection? So you can move on from grief?

Then I invite you to listen to this podcast, which includes an exercise and a ceremony that will help you to manage love and grief.

And when you’re finished learning how to move through love and grief, check out the One-Day Essence of Relationship Event. When we know how to nurture our relationships with self, others and The Universe, grief becomes less traumatic and more of a testament to our wholeness and connectivity. Come play with us!