Get What You Want: A Formula


What if you could have anything you wanted? I’m not talking about wishing for a red BMW and running to your garage to see if it’s there. Instead, I’m talking about how to really get what you want out of life; complete with the things that would make you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose…with…

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Are you Calm in Chaos? A Quiz


Being calm in chaos: it’s something you may have witnessed from emergency responders, surgeons or traders on Wall Street. Maybe you admire their level-headedness. Maybe you’ve even thought Wow, I’d never be able to do that job. And when any one of us thinks that way, we underestimate our own daily need to stay calm…

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Create Courage, Just Like Dorothy


What would be possible if you could create courage? If you could be brave enough to tackle anything, to achieve anything, to be anything you wanted? It’s not easy, and I’m not going to lie:  Some days, trying to create courage can seem downright impossible. Your world can seem all black and white…dismal. And it…

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Essence of Leadership

essence of leadership

What is the Essence of Leadership? It is comprised of many things, including the willingness to overcome fear to become an influencer in your world and to make a difference for yourself and others. It involves recognizing the qualities you admire in other leaders so you can learn to embody those qualities through your own…

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