Get What You Want: A Formula


What if you could have anything you wanted? I’m not talking about wishing for a red BMW and running to your garage to see if it’s there. Instead, I’m talking about how to really get what you want out of life; complete with the things that would make you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose…with all the happiness you can imagine.

If you’ve ever felt like all the things you want are out of your reach, then it’s time to move yourself closer to those things. Because the truth is they’re not going to come to you—unless you emerge from your comfort zone and show them that you’re willing to meet halfway.

Whether that comfort zone is your room, your house, your sadness, your attitudes, your habits or your limiting beliefs…there’s a formula for playing outside the box, to get what you want.


The Formula for Getting What you Want

As we move through life, we focus on the results we want (or at least we should). And we go in search of formulas that promise to deliver those results.

And sometimes, we happen upon a formula that delivers one big reward that opens the door to let all kinds of blessings in.

This formula is one of those.

Use this, and your comfort zone will no longer keep you from getting what you need to create win/win situations.


Get What you Want, the Essence of Being Way

Here is a formula you can follow any time you wish to achieve something. Even if you don’t feel like you’re stuck, use it to make sure you’re not being held hostage in your box by forces you haven’t thought of as problems.

  • Four Parts Examination: Make a list of the beliefs, habits, expectations and attitudes that are currently keeping you comfortable, or static. They might exist in the form of “I can’t do that,” “I hate that,” “I have to do this to get that,” “I’m afraid of that,” to name a few. Those four elements will help you to assign a label to your comfort zone, so you can call it out for the harm it’s doing to you.
  • Three Parts Results: If you’re accustomed to being a C student, for example, and you happen to get an A on an assignment, how will you react? This is outside your comfort zone, so in order for you to return to what you know, you need to make an F on the next test. That will bring you back to average, as a C This process is called self-sabotage. Where you are now, what you’re capable of, and how willing you are to maintain your own top level are the three parts you’ve got to examine.
  • Two Parts Driving: If you’ve been embracing your comfort zone, then you’ve been choosing to hit the brake rather than the gas pedal. Even if you’re pressing the brake and the gas at the same time, you’re just spinning your wheels. Want to get somewhere? Then it’s got to be all gas. That’s two parts: lift your foot from the brake and then depress the throttle.
  • One Part Play: Where are you playing? In your room? With the same old group of friends? With the same old toys and books? Now is the time to stick your head out of your comfort zone and emerge into something that scares you. So that’s one simple step: take it and open yourself to what’s waiting for you.

I know it probably feels safe and warm where you’re at right now. I know you probably think that when you step outside the box you’re going to feel exposed, cold, open to ridicule.

But without the courage to take that first step, you will never advance beyond the box that’s cramping your potential.


Courage is feeling fear and taking action in spite of that fear. In many cases, fear is an indicator that it’s time to move forward, because everything you’ve ever wanted—everything you were meant to do and be—are waiting for you on the other side of that fear.

It’s normal to have anxiety about the unknown at first, but if you give in and stay inside your box, you can never get what you want. That would violate the law of The Universe.

I invite you to listen to my Podcast Why Transform? Are you Afraid of the Unknown? to help you find your own personal courage for getting what you want. Plus, you can become a member of the Healing Forest by participating in our Essence of Being workshops. Join like-minded, conscious beings in play and growth, for a better planet.

The world needs you. It’s waiting. And it can’t see you from inside that box.