We Are Family…How to Communicate During the Holidays


When the holidays roll around, many of us dread getting together with family and friends. Maybe you’ve become accustomed to it ending in conflict, guilt, shame or blame. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you learn how to communicate during the holidays, you can stand in your own power with innocence and authenticity.

Many times, we revert to our younger selves when we’re with our families of origin. Old feelings might come up. We might have knee-jerk reactions to things that are said, or feel responsible for the way others feel, or feel attacked or even shut down completely.

All of these reactions are functions of the reptilian brain. When old feelings that were imprinted on us as children come up, we might go into freeze, flight or fight mode. And that’s when it all can go wrong.

Knowing what to do before those feelings come up is key to having a happier holiday this year.

The Best Ways to Communicate During the Holidays

There are lots of things you can do before gathering to ensure you’ll come out unscathed (and without scathing others). In this podcast, I am going to cover all those pieces of advice for how to communicate during the holidays.

That advice will touch on things like how to view others around the table, when you should and shouldn’t take responsibility, the energetic mirror method, the Sedona Method, how to tell your truth, how to communicate effectively, and how to go in there already validated, innocent, powerful and authentic.

I will even introduce you to a new serenity prayer you can take with you.

How to Communicate as a Conscious Leader During the Holidays

When you take responsibility and choose to set the tone this holiday season, your entire experience will shift. Gratitude will reflect back to you, you will no longer need validation from family members, you will want to choose compassion…and so much more.

Leaders surface in all kinds of situations. You can be a leader of yourself, leader of your family, leader of a corporation…or leader of high vibrations at this year’s family meal.

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