Trouble Finding Love?

finding love

If you’re having trouble finding love—or trouble finding the type of love you want—you might start to wonder what’s wrong with you. You might begin to question whether or not you really deserve love. Or, you may resort to believing that you attract all the wrong kinds of people, and that it’s out of your control.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what happened in your past, or the circumstances surrounding your prior and present relationships—none of this is true!

When you say things like this to yourself, you are submitting to your own limiting beliefs. You are a passenger on a bus being driven by your BubbleTalk, and no matter how many conscious decisions you make to change your circumstance, that BubbleTalk will win.

What’s BubbleTalk?

And why does it have this power over you?

Let’s find out.

Your BubbleTalk’s Role in Finding Love

As we grow, our subconscious minds absorb all the things that are said to us, about us and about others. We start looking for evidence that all those things are true about ourselves. If they’re negative, we start to believe they are real. We believe things that were said, even though they are not the real essence of who we are—loved, innocent, wanted and lovable.

And the thoughts buried in your subconscious—the ones that float around with you like bubbles over a cartoon character’s head; they are what influence you the most. That’s your BubbleTalk.

If you’ve ever thought I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable enough, I’m not worthy of love…then you can see the impact.

Or, if you’ve done everything right on paper, and your relationships still don’t end the way you imagined they would, then you’re also experiencing the impact of negative BubbleTalk. You see, it can be so deeply buried in your subconscious that you don’t even realize it’s running your love life.

finding love

One surefire way to know what’s in your BubbleTalk?

Look at your results. That will give you a clue and a pattern regarding how you’ve created relationships in the past.

The good news is that once you discover what your BubbleTalk is saying, you can shift it and create a different result. You have the power to change your thoughts, change your pattern…change your life.

The Reason you’re not Finding Love

If you find yourself in abusive, loveless, dependent or tumultuous relationships time after time, there’s a reason. It’s not just bad luck. It’s not your “bad taste” in partners. It’s not your affinity for the “bad guy” or the “bad girl.”

Instead, the people you’re attracting are direct products of your beliefs about yourself and what you think you deserve.

If you were told as a child that you were unlovable (either directly or indirectly), then you will go through life choosing partners who prove that. It’s human nature: Even if what we believe isn’t true, we will look for evidence to support it.

Or, if you are carrying around guilt for something that happened in the past (whether it’s a product of your own doing or not), you will actively seek punishment, in an effort to answer those feelings of guilt. In most cases, you will not recognize you’re doing this, because the motivation and the reasoning are products of your subconscious mind…driving the bus without conscious input from you.

As a result, you could be sabotaging your own pursuit of romance.

You could be getting exactly what your limiting beliefs say you deserve.

The Finding Love Formula: Stop, Breathe, Receive

If you feel like you’re not worthy of love, you’re not going to find it. You can, however, change that.

First, understand that every one of us is abundant. Just look around you. You might be abundant in money, debt, clutter, love, friendships, loneliness, guilt or joy. You might even be abundantly confused.

Look at that abundance. That’s your vibration. It’s the message you’re not only fortifying within yourself—it’s what you’re attracting into your life. If you’re abundant in guilt, you’re attracting punishment. If you’re abundant in joy, you’re attracting more joy.

Be like a baby. No baby refuses the love and attention it receives. He or she just drinks it up.

You can do that too. You can receive love because you deserve it. You don’t have to figure out why it’s coming to you, or what the ulterior motive might be. You can receive every ounce of love that comes your way, become abundant in that love, and then attract more and more of the same. Continue along that path until you find a relationship in which you and your partner are both independent, autonomous beings who are orbiting in love; coming together to make something bigger than they could ever be separately.

So, as you move forward with transforming any negative BubbleTalk, be present. Play with a puppy, or a kitten, or a child. Hold a Baby. Notice how they live in the moment and don’t worry about the past or the future.

Stop. Breathe. Receive. No longer deny yourself what every human deserves.

Finding Love and the Essence of Relationships

If this is your first encounter with the connection between BubbleTalk and the results you’re getting, be prepared to make some groundbreaking discoveries in the very near future.

You’re going to start associating disappointments with your own limiting beliefs. You’re going to begin taking responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs and actions…and seeing their influence in your life.

And if you want to learn to trust, break the cycle of drama, create respect for yourself, achieve intimacy, learn compassionate communication techniques, and develop your relationships with self, others and your higher power…check out Essence of Relationships, online and in-person, as part of the Conscious Leadership Academy program. You’ll also want to connect with us on Facebook, on the Essence of Being page, as well as in the Healing Forest group. See you there!