The Essence of Your Being: Who are you?

What’s the essence of your being? If you had to take off your clothes and your body, what would be left? It’s the purest form of your soul.

The essence of your being is to experience. If you allow yourself to simply move toward something, perhaps a goal or purpose, you will have an effect on the world. If you do not move, you do not have an effect. Just like the honeybees that wake up every day just for the nectar, little do they know that the effect they have in the bigger picture is to actually cross-pollinate and create more flowers while they are pursuing the nectar. They are not aware of the effect they have on the world.

We are just like the honeybee. We go toward our nectar (goal or purpose) without realizing perhaps that we are actually adding value and are having an impact along the way. We may not always see the bigger picture but yes, we are making an impact in the world at some point, by just moving toward our goal. If we stand still, we have no impact.

You are a gift. Have fun and feel free.