The Essence of Relationships: Self, Others and Beyond


What patterns show up in your relationships? Do they leave you? Or do you leave before they can go? Do you feel like you’re always being punished? Or do you have trouble trusting, or equate relationships with pain?

Your subconscious thoughts, or BubbleTalk, are created by the beliefs instilled in you at a very young age. Many times, you can make a conscious effort to have what you want, but those subconscious thoughts are holding you back. They can cause you to spin your wheels and feel like you’re stuck.

The key to moving forward is to identify those subconscious beliefs and find new evidence so that you can adopt new beliefs that support what you really want.

The best way to start is with a series of questions that will help to uncover the “evidence” you’ve been holding on to from childhood — and we’re doing that in this podcast.

Next, you can identify how those long-held beliefs are causing you to self-sabotage or punish yourself with relationships. For instance, guilt demands punishment; so if you’re carrying guilt around, you’re going to attract people into your life that deliver punishment. Or, if you don’t believe you’re a good person, you might fall into an Egocentric Cycle, rather than a Compassion Cycle.

This is deep, intriguing material, and I’m sure you’ll be shocked at how much you can learn about yourself (and why your relationships might not be as good as you want them to be) in just one hour’s time.

So join me for this Essence of Relationships podcast. Every communication, and every relationship, will benefit.

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