Falling In Love vs Orbiting in Love

Orbiting in love and falling in love—what’s the difference between the two? People get into relationships for different reasons but one common reason on a higher level is because it brings up things for you to look at about yourself and what you believe about your life. What works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, being in a relationships is not always about feeling in love or being in the honeymoon stage. It’s not always about chocolates and flowers, sweet cuddles and warm hugs. It’s totally normal to have buttons pushed in a relationship. But the good thing is, there is a way to heal it.

Falling in Love and Law of Attraction

When you feel whole and complete, you attract another whole and complete person. Same thing happens when you feel like something is missing in your life or you’re unlovable—you may attract the same type of person Or look to them to prove your are lovable.

So what happens when you both fall in love and this person tries to fill in your incompleteness? They still feel incomplete, because no one is filling their void while they are trying to fill yours And this process can be exhausting.

We have a lot of things that we want to love about ourselves but we don’t see it. We also see things we don’t like and we project onto the other person and then fall out of love.  Things get too hard and complicated with you expecting a lot from your partner and your partner expecting a lot from you.

Orbiting in Love

Just like what happens with gravity, you tend to stop when you FALL in love. But orbiting in love means you don’t need anything from that other person in order for you to feel whole and complete. You create synergy.

Orbiting in love means you don’t have to give up who you are in order to be with your partner. You’re both whole and complete and when you come  together, you create a whole other  entity which is called US. 1+1=3

When you’re orbiting together, you can create  something bigger than yourself.You’re expanding into something else , not contracting and becoming each other’s “better half”. What does that make you ? A half person? This synergy is the magic and where the miracles occur.

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