Conscious Intentions for the New Year

Why set intentions? Why create a vision? The last couple of years have been very tumultuous, so let’s create a new chapter in life this year. Your new chapter is waiting to be written, with new questions to be asked and new answers to be discovered.

What are your hopes for the future? As you become curator of your own contentment, you will learn to embrace the gentle yearnings of your heart. Let’s begin the wondrous new year by believing in ourselves, and believing there is a loving source waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true. Let’s be patient towards all that is unsolved in our hearts and try to love the questions themselves. The answers will come.

Become aware that you already possess all the inner wisdom, strength and creativity needed to make your dreams come true. This can be hard for us to realize sometimes, because this source is often buried beneath all that is going on in our lives. When we can’t access our inner resource, we come to the flawed conclusion that happiness and fulfillment come only from external events, and we begin relying on those external events to create the change we long for.

You already possess all you need to be genuinely happy. The way you reach that awareness is through an inner journey. In this episode, Burge will guide you through that journey of emotional, psychological, and spiritual transformation so that a deep inner shift can occur, aligning you with the creative energy of the universe.