Are You a Conscious Leader?

conscious leader

You can be a conscious leader of yourself, your family, a team, a group, a corporation…it makes no difference. And you can do it by looking to those leaders whom you respect, discerning which attributes you most admire, and working to hone those skills to create a win/win world.

In this podcast, we’ll start with an exercise intended to draw out the qualities you admire in other leaders. Then, I will give you the 13 leadership qualities I hold in the highest regard.

Finally, we will uncover the thoughts and beliefs you have around leadership, and explore how they could be helping you or holding you back from realizing your full conscious leadership potential.

Why does any of this matter?

When You’re a Conscious Leader…

Conscious leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders. They inspire others, empowering them to make small differences in pursuit of a win/win world.

When you understand what it means to be a conscious leader, you can find those things you excel in and use those strengths to lead yourself and others to success. When you recognize your weaknesses, you can learn to improve them and delegate masterfully so others can be brilliant, too. And when you have the courage to stand up and show up, the differences you make will be profound.

So if you’re wondering if you are a conscious leader, or if you have what it takes to be a conscious leader, listen to the recording of this podcast. Once you become conscious of the qualities you wish to demonstrate as a leader, you will be able to move forward with awareness of your impact!

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