An Integrity Checklist for Success

integrity checklist

The last few times we met here, you learned that Integrity is the Essence of Success and that you can Transform Every Failure to Success with one simple strategy. There’s one more piece, and we’re adding that today…with an Integrity Checklist for you.

We’re going to revisit the idea that integrity is at the heart of all success. When you operate with 100% integrity, 100% of the time, you can’t help but be successful.

However, you might be struggling with achieving that 100% mark. Maybe you’ve been consciously deciding to keep your word 100% of the time (it is your bond, after all). Perhaps you’ve been noticing forward movement toward your goals as a result. However, you’re still hitting some walls. That road to success has more obstacles than you thought it might.

If you’re having difficulty, it could be that you’re not exercising integrity in every area of your life. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re lying to people or breaking promises—it could be much simpler than that…practically undetectable until your attention is brought to it.

That’s why I have devised an Integrity Checklist, so you can make sure you are, indeed, operating with integrity 100% of the time.

Here we go!

A Few Words Before Starting the Integrity Checklist

Before you dive into this bad boy, understand that if you want to experience success, you must always take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and actions. This doesn’t mean you blame others or shame yourself. It also doesn’t mean you take responsibility for the way others believe, feel or act.

It simply means that if you have a choice, you are always responsible for the outcomes associated with that choice.

As you move through the list, set a date for the completion of each one, remembering that finishing it on time takes…you guessed it…Integrity. By doing this, you will not only hold your shape, you will feel freed up. You will be able to say, “Until recently, I felt pressured and burdened.”

Just completing the checklist list will help you feel successful…and we all know by now that what you focus on expands, and that when you really experience and appreciate something, you’ll receive more of it.

So if you’re ready to make a bunch of shifts in your life—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—it’s time to dive into the Integrity Checklist.

Drum Roll Please…it’s the Integrity Checklist!!

  • Deliver Undelivered Communications.  If you need to acknowledge someone, or clean up a lie, or resolve hidden agendas…here’s your call of duty. Maybe you’ve been holding off because you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe you broke a promise and never really explained yourself (without making excuses). Take responsibility without blame or shame. This will free you from the guilt. It will free you from all the “stuff” you’re holding onto and that’s keeping you from freedom. The dark cloud will disperse.
  • Resolve Broken Agreements.  This goes both ways, to include people who have broken their agreements with you. Come to a resolution, in order to clear any heaviness that’s been hanging over you. It can be as simple as, “We are finished with that and I have chosen to forgive you.” Or, “I regret breaking that agreement with you, and I ask you for forgiveness.” You can even move on by making a new agreement—and keep it so you can feel the healing power of integrity.
  • Clean Your Living Space.  When you’re surrounded by clutter, it can be difficult to free your mind. You deserve to have a clean home, a clean office, a clean car. Then, you can operate from a place of integrity, freely and openly creating.
  • Get Your Finances in Order.  Know what money is coming in, and what money is going out. Even if finances have been a point of stress for you in the past (“until recently”), resist the temptation to stick your head in the sand. Take control so you won’t feel helpless, at the mercy of your finances. Have integrity by ensuring that what’s coming in is always greater than what’s going out.
  • Pay Your Bills.  It’s understandable, depending on where you are in your success journey, if you’re not able to cover all of your obligations right now. However, it’s important to recognize that when you don’t pay a bill, it’s a broken agreement. So, act with integrity toward your creditors. Contact them and make arrangements to pay your bills.
  • Pay Your Taxes.  The U.S. tax system pays for schools, roads, firefighters and many other civil services. By paying your taxes within the confines of the system that’s in place, you are demonstrating integrity. If you feel that paying taxes goes against your values, and that you’re holding your shape by ignoring them, just remember that integrity involves bettering humanity, and serving our fellow humans.
  • Make Repairs.  How many things are sitting around your house collecting dust, inoperable? Whether you recognize it or not, they are cluttering your mind. Fix those items or get rid of them.
  • Donate Unused Items.  If you have a hoarding mentality related to clothing, for instance (because someday you hope to fit into it again, or that it will come back into style), remember this: Every item you’re holding onto is taking up space (literally and figuratively), preventing something else from coming into your life. If you’re not using the item you’re holding onto, get rid of it. The blessing that will replace it has to be better!
  • Return Borrowed Items.  Not much explanation needed here. When you’re done with it, return it.
  • Ask for Items to be Returned.  Likewise, if others have borrowed items from you, and you want them back, ask for them. No need for resentment, just tying up loose ends.
  • Care for Primary Relationships.  Make sure there are agreements and ground rules in place that support both parties in your most important relationships. If no boundaries are set, everyone assumes where the limits are, and they’re rarely correct. Establish boundaries, make clear agreements, keep them…and experience the freedom that comes with knowing how to support one another.
  • Complete Your Will.  Will you leave a legacy or a mess? Don’t let others decide what will happen after you’re gone. You might not care, but think of the people in your life. Would leaving a mess for them be acting with integrity? Focus on 100% of humanity, 100% of the time. This is not about you.
  • Complete a Living Will.  So your loved ones aren’t burdened with weighty decisions, have it spelled out for them. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief, and so will they.
  • Tithe.  What individuals or organizations feed you spiritually? Being of service and giving back are huge contributors to prosperity and consciousness, and when you support those who are supporting humanity, you’re acting with integrity.
  • Serve your Community.  Having integrity means realizing we are part of the support of an eternally regenerative universe. We are committing ourselves to whatever the truth will be, to make all humanity successful. If we understand that, if we give back…we will be successful. We need this more than ever.

Living the Integrity Checklist

Integrity truly is the Essence of Success, and when you ensure that you’re operating with integrity in every area of your life, then you will experience success. There’s practically no other option. When everything is aligned, and you keep your word to yourself and to others, it’s going to work out. Maybe not in the timeline you’d anticipated, or in the way you’re imagining…but you will be successful, for the highest good of all involved.

How are you demonstrating integrity to those who look up to you? Do have the courage to be a conscious leader? And are you ready to make a difference? While you’re working on completing this Integrity Checklist, I recommend you look into the Conscious Leadership Academy, the World’s Best Superleader Support System. Find out what it takes to Stand Up, Show Up and Play Big! You’ll find freebies there, too!