Would you Rather be Right or Happy?

Do you show up and participate- (2)This week, I want to ask you – Would you rather be right or be happy? We’ve talked about this many times in the Healing Forest and in workshops, but the question still remains. When we look at that question in the bigger sense of failing to participate, isn’t your happiness so much more important? This is where we find another important part of this month’s conversations – what is your why?

For many people, that is a big question mark, and in some cases, I think that you can seek to capture that when you put yourself into a spirit of allowing and simply vibrate what you want. Once you have a “why”, you can decide for yourself whether you always have to be right and then justify your position. Most of the time we do this to prove ourselves to someone that we matter, especially if we didn’t get this as a child. We are constantly wanting acceptance and many times we think if we are right, then we will be loved. I say let go of justifying and proving and allow yourself to be happy. In order to do this you have to forgive yourself for making mistakes.

The bottom line is this – when you are committed to taking inspired action, and you have a great “why”, then being right is not as important. What matters is you show up and participate fearlessly. The worst thing you can do is to not participate – in anything! Relationships, careers, life – they all matter. Remember, if you are avoiding failure, you may just be avoiding success, too.

This month’s blogs were all based on a Power Call that I did titled The Only Failure is the Failure to Participate. We’ve spent some time on it this month because of the real value that I feel it has, but everybody is going to take different things from it. I’d love for you to listen to it in its entirety in our Healing Forest, and if you aren’t a member yet, you can sign up at the Pine Level for free by clicking here. We keep the audio files of these calls available in the Media Center, so you can use your membership to listen and take the important parts for your journey when you need them.