What is Success?

We’ve talked about how the subconscious mind creates its own reality out of our previous experiences, but many times, I’m asked about success. What is it? How do I know it? How do I define it?

All those are great questions, and while so many of us have been successful, many of us struggle with what exactly it is. A big bank account? A wonderful family? New car? Dream vacation? While all of these may be a part of success to some, a much harder part of defining success is not defining your life by the areas that have not been as successful.

When you think about success, it’s very easy to think about what you haven’t gotten yet as opposed to what you have manifested. Here’s where we get right back into a conversation about your Bubble Talk that you have to control, and it really is easy – just think about your journey and remember to stay open to everything. This week, I want you to spend time practicing a meditation about success that I have in our membership site The Healing Forest in the Media Center. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can join for free right here!

Now, about that meditation. Think about when you have been successful in life. How did you accomplish that? Who was on your team? As I’ve said many times, we create our reality by remembering what we think happened and making that part of the story. Sometimes, sad to say, the truth is nowhere in that conversation. When we reflect on our successes, many times, we don’t acknowledge our own role in it. We block our own energy by claiming luck or good fortune.

As a member of the Healing Forest, you know that you are manifesting success, not falling into it! So take a few moments and reflect through this meditation and remember what it is to create success. Feel the power and energy of it flowing through your body. Envision how this connects to all the aspects of your life – you don’t just have a success here and there – you are successful in all areas! We know that what we focus on expands, and so it is with success and how we define it. It is not a tangible thing, it is how we are living and acknowledging our emotions.