What are you Focusing on?

What are you focusing on- (3)Let’s talk about another one of our Power Hour calls – The Only Failure is the Failure to Participate. So here’s one of the most important points of the call (and I encourage you to listen to the call because there is a lot more stuff to learn on it!) – Every thought, feeling, and action creates and carries vibration and that vibration attracts exactly what you are looking for.

So most importantly, what are you focusing on? Plenty of people focus on money but what specifics? Creating it or losing it? I know that many people also focus on relationships – but again, are you building one or just angry because you don’t have one?

Now, with that focus, if you are to attract the things that you are concentrating on you have to make sure you are checking your limiting beliefs. Remember too, that many times our limiting beliefs have the common denominator of fear. What is fear? Simple – False Evidence Appearing Real. When we drill down into why we are afraid to fail, many times, you’ll find that once you made a mistake, you stop moving forward due to shame or guilt. This stops us from making more mistakes, or so we think. What it actually does, is keeps us from moving and we stay stuck. When we learned to walk, we made mistakes and got back up and kept going. We innately knew this. If you try something and make a mistake, celebrate it and know you are moving. Don’t stop and never move again and beat yourself up or you will never learn to walk.

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