Visioning Your Dreams

Hello everyone! As we move further into 2016, I find many people who are struggling with those resolutions that we just put into play as the New Year began a month or so ago. I would never say that somebody is wrong, but many people come to those resolutions from a place of weakness and stress and make half-hearted goals that they secretly never feel they need to engage.

Today I want to talk about turning those goals and dreams into a positive vision that you WILL achieve, not that you can try to achieve. In fact, I decided to write this post for this week because this is the month where those resolutions start to fall by the wayside and we begin to really look at how we can attract change into our lives. I even have an article in the membership area about this – which is free to join if you haven’t yet – just click here.

So let’s talk about that vision- when you write down your goals, your primary aim is to create a new vision for what you desire to experience next in life, so that you can begin to make that vision a reality.

So what do you do when you sit down to write a vision for your life, and you’re coming up with a lot of blanks that you just aren’t sure about?


It really is that simple. Just take a stab at it. Don’t even worry about making your best guess. Just make any guess that seems remotely reasonable. Now take that guess and run with it. Write 1-2 paragraphs to describe the vision that pops into your mind when you think about that possible direction.

Make sure your vision is written with positive, present tense statements. Add some emotion to your vision. Include how you expect to feel (“I’m thrilled to be…”, “I’m feeling deeply grateful as I…”). In a lot of ways, these visions and dreams can be a very personal sort of affirmation.

Don’t worry about whether your dream is right or wrong at this point. Truthfully this isn’t a matter of right or wrong. It’s a matter of suitability for you. You’re free to make whatever choices you desire, but the important part is that you identify those choices that make the most sense to you that can help you to attain a positive outcome.

Now I have to say that it would be silly to not make these line up with your beliefs and ideas, so create a vision that considers every aspect of your life: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Include things like relationships, health, money, career, fun, purpose, family, and friends.
The best news, and news I love to share is that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real actions and visions of those actions. When you get truly clear on your visions and goals, and you continually share that with your mind by revisiting it at least twice a day, the back of your mind begins to make the subtle changes that you need to attain those goals. This is the real power of your goals and your resolutions.