The Power of Love

power of love

Why does love sometimes hurt? Why is falling out of love so painful?

The power of love tells us that you can be a whole person without needing another person to complete you, or to be your better half. You can give yourself the things you never got when you were young. You can find new evidence to prove that you are an autonomous individual who stands in his or her own power.

And when you feel complete and deserving of love from yourself and others, then your vibration will attract other complete individuals.

You will not fall in love. You will Orbit in Love. You will not fall out of love. If the relationship does end, you will stand in your power and you will not be broken. 

This is the power of love, and in this podcast, you will learn how to capture that power and create relationship synergy that is nothing less than magical…with yourself, with others, and with your higher power (God, The Universe, Great Spirit, or whatever you identify with).

Listen to this podcast to identify voids within yourself. Learn how to fill those voids so you won’t have to ask others to do that for you. Take the survey to find out what you need to hear to heal those places within you that have been sabotaging your relationships up to this point. 

This is going to change every one of your relationships, from this day forward.

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