The Essence of Leadership

essence of leadership

Here is the Essence of Leadership: A leader takes people where they want to go; a great leader takes people where they don’t want to be, but where they ought to be.

What does that statement mean to you? If you think back on the leaders in your life (professional, personal and otherwise) who have influenced you in the most profound ways, you might recognize that each one of them motivated you to do something you feared. And you may also recognize that without that push — without that leader taking you where you didn’t want to go — you would not have achieved what you did.

That’s the Essence of Leadership.

You can benefit from it.

And you also have the Essence of Leadership inside YOU.

The Essence of Leadership, for Courageous Leaders

What are some qualities you admire in leaders who have inspired you? What traits do they demonstrate that you would like to be known for as you work toward becoming a conscious leader?

All of us have criteria for defining great leaders; and there are qualities that most of us would agree are universal among influential people. As you embark upon your leadership journey, it’s important to know what leadership aspects will define you. What type of impact will you have? Whom will you serve? And how will you be remembered?

In this podcast, you will look toward leaders who inspire you, discover your long-held beliefs around success, list your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and gather tools for developing your leadership skills.

In the span of just one hour, you will gain the foundation for moving forward, toward your goals, with the Essence of Leadership.

You Can Be a Leader, with the Essence of Leadership

What type of leader will you be? The leader of a business? Non-profit? Team? Classroom? Family? Or will you be the leader of yourself?

There are so many different types of leadership roles, and so many purposeful reasons for being a conscious leader. In fact, most of us are leaders in some fashion — meaning that in order to be the best we can be, we’re going to need the Essence of Leadership.

Join me in this podcast. Learn how you can gain the courage to lead, with integrity and purpose. Learn how you can work to create win/win situations and make a difference in this world.

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