So what is the master within??

I am getting prepared for our Mastery program in November and am working on the question of mastering our destiny and embracing the changes in our lives on a daily basis. How do we keep our integrity of what we know and who we area when there is so much fear around us? I was reading a testimonial from one of our participants about what her lessons were with Mastery and all of our workshops and it reminded me of  how powerful our minds and beliefs are…how they make up our reality. I am sharing with you excerpts of what she said:

“What does it feel like to really connect with the true meaning of “you create your own reality?” It is amazing how God guides us down certain paths to heal, to learn, to forgive, to grow, to let go, and to love. Sometimes He guides us gently, other times He gives us a bit more of a push. It really depends on how well we listen or pay attention to what’s happening in our lives that the lessons that follow will either be easy or hard to get through. What I have realized most, is that everything, in the end, turns out to be a blessing and the truth is, we do create our own reality.

Most recently, I attended the Mastery workshop which is the 3rd level class presented by the Essence of Being. It was a 5 day experiential workshop in the North Georgia mountains. I have to say the only way I can explain the experience is  to say I felt like a pole -vaulter  in the Olympics. With the 1st two workshops, Essence of Being and Passionate Manifestation, I was leaning how to run then felt myself getting closer to running and jumping, but still a bit afraid.

Mastery unveiled to me what my true power is and showed me what it feels like to fly over the bar with no limitations. It showed me that sometimes I raise the bar too high so that I cannot get over the bar ( can you say self sabotage?) I found that honoring others and myself no matter what decision we made was unconditionally loving. It was also revealed to me that the only limits we have are the ones we imaginarily impose on ourselves and that if we listen to that inner voice, it will never let us down.

And I definitely don’t’ believe in accidents. The most ironic experience of my week at Mastery was that I recognized I was still holding on to blame with my mother for not being the mother I wanted. I attracted a beautiful angel to show me what I was still holding on to and I was amazed (and frustrated) that I was still holding on to  this old issue!

There was my mother recreated for me to blow through this issue… and in order for things to change, first I must change. At first I wanted to run, which was my pattern. Then I realized this was my opportunity to work through and release what I was holding on to. It was time for a paradigm shift.

As I spoke my truth and stopped running away, I could feel my body becoming more and more relaxed and my feeling toward my mother becoming more loving and accepting. I even connected  to humor, which was an amazing release! I was no longer in resistance. I trusted my inner voice and it guided me through healing and shifted that old paradigm. I was embracing the dance. By honoring that inner guidance, I connected to the master within and I feel so powerful!

Mastery has given me tools and most importantly helped to connect to the master within me and the truth for me is…that this is all we are ever searching for anyhow: self-love, self-trust, self-guidance, self-esteem!”


I am so excited to be a part of this community!!