Self Worth

self worth in mirror

What is your self-worth?

When you ask yourself this question, does your mind turn to thoughts of your bank account balance or your credit score? Does it turn to how many friends or children you have? Maybe you think of your job…and how great (or not great) it is.

All of these types of things are outside yourself, and really should have no bearing your sense of self-worth. It’s not something that should change as exterior circumstances change. Worthiness is not something you can earn. In fact, it’s something you are born with and that you deserve without having to do anything.

Join me in this podcast. I am redefining the term Net Worth. I am taking you through two exercises to help you learn about your own sense of self-worth, and I’m giving you tips and tools for learning how to allow others to love and support you, without feeling like you must pay them back or do something to deserve it.

You were born worthy. As a baby, when people showered you with love and attention, you didn’t deny it or send them away. You drank it up and felt that you deserved it all, because you did. And you still do. You are still the same person as that baby. You simply need to find that innocence and worthiness again.

How is your self-worth (or lack thereof) affecting your relationships? Although on a subconscious level, it plays a key role in your relationships with others, self and your higher power. Find out more about how to get to the root of your beliefs about your own self-worth by visiting the Essence of Relationships page today.