You are Perfect! Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

The spiritual teacher Babaji says, “We are all actors in our own scripts. We are the writer, director, producer, and the lead character for every script. Everyone else plays in our creation—exactly as we direct them to.” So the question then becomes, “If God and the Universe is perfect and this Great Spirit created me, and I am part of that creation, am I not innocent and perfect?”

We have the power to rewrite our scripts and attract the “actors” and experiences we deserve in our lives. We can say, “I recognize that other people are merely doing what I invited or I’m projecting what I subconsciously believed about myself. Therefore, neither that person, nor myself can hurt me. I’m perfect now, always have been and always will be.”

To support you in believing you are perfect, stand in front of the mirror every morning, preferably naked, just like you were as a baby. You are going back to that time when you were innocent and accepted yourself, before any of these outside influences projected their beliefs on you. Look into your eyes, and say ten times, “I love you.” The whole time you are doing this you are looking into the mirror and breathing it in. Be mindful of what you are feeling. Be present. Don’t just stand there and repeat I love you over and over. That defeats the purpose. You must see yourself as the little child, that innocent baby. Put a picture of yourself as a little girl or boy in the bathroom where you can see it. Look into their eyes and tell them you love them. This re-frames any thoughts that you have had up to this point about beating yourself up. It’s called a pattern interrupt and it stops that pattern of sabotage of guilt and shame and releases the need to blame yourself. And it allows you to be willing to see that you are innocent and perfect just the way you are. It starts your day off with loving thoughts about you. It reminds you that you are innocent, that you accept yourself totally and completely.

Suddenly, those triggers that happen to you on a daily basis will not trigger you at all or very little, because you’ll be falling in love with yourself again. It’s about accepting yourself as perfect. You ARE perfect just the way you are.

In my teachings around the world, I have found that everyone, no matter what religion, race, sex, or culture, all want the same thing: to know that they are loved, accepted, and safe, and that they make a difference. I was a keynote speaker at the World Parliament on Spirituality with Marianne Williamson and all of the major religions were represented with 76 nations present. The Peace Initiative we are creating with Peace Ambassadors around the world has the message of forgiveness, love and prosperity. It was powerful to see so many leaders together creating a sense of peace through the reminder that we are all the same: HUMAN.

When I taught in Malaysia four times in 2015, I had no idea what to expect with the primarily Muslim community. I worked with men, women, and children, and despite their stories of pain, suppression, and injustice, they all were like sponges soaking up new beliefs about themselves. Beliefs that are fundamentally challenged at times through culture and religion. Yet they were able to honor their culture and at the same time absorb the intrinsic beliefs that we are all innocent, loved, and powerful to create change in our lives. It was incredibly humbling to hear one of my teenage students say, “I have a new skin and can finally love myself and create a new life.”  I encourage all of us to say “I am perfect and innocent and accept myself for who I am.” We have the power to rewrite our scripts and attract the experiences we deserve in our lives.