Mirror Work & Self-forgiveness

InnerChildBurge-1Alright! Good news! Have you rewritten your script? We spent a lot of time on that in November, and now, we’re going to start living it!

The first part, though, is to accept and love who you really are. You’ve gotten more than a little beat up since the script was written in your life, and I’m willing to bet that you need to get that person – you – into a better place to start to be more productive and forgiven. So I need you to take a journey with me and let’s get you taken care of!

I want you to stand in front of the mirror every morning, preferably naked, just like you were as a baby. You are going back to that time when you were innocent and accepted yourself, before any of these outside influences piled their beliefs on you. Look into your eyes, hold your face and say ten times, “I love you”. Then hold your shoulders and say, “I love you”. Repeat this holding your chest, tummy, legs and with each one, say, “I love you” ten times. Then hold your arms out as wide as you can and say “I love you”. Caress your hair and again, ten times say, “I love you”. The whole time you are doing this, you are looking into the mirror and breathing it in. I love you. Now be mindful of what you are feeling… Be present… Don’t just stand there and repeat I love you over and over. That defeats the purpose. You must see yourself as the little child, that innocent baby. In fact, if you have a picture of yourself as a little girl or boy, put that in the bathroom where you can see it. Look into their eyes and tell them you love them. What this does is it re-frames any thoughts that you’ve had up to this point about beating yourself up. It’s called a pattern interrupt and it stops that pattern of sabotage of guilt and shame. It starts your day off with loving thoughts about you. It reminds you that you are innocent, that you accept yourself totally and completely as when you were a baby.

If you release the need to blame yourself and be right all the time and be willing to see the perfection of what is, then you can get to a place of understanding that there’s really nothing to forgive including yourself, because you are innocent and perfect just the way you are. And if you are having trouble getting there, trust me on this. If you stand in front of the mirror every morning, naked, and do the exercise, it’s very cleansing. There is no veil, it’s just you. Nothing covering you. You can’t hide. If you do this, it will help erase and let go of some of that trash in your trash compactor. And the more you do it, the more you release.

Suddenly, those triggers that happen to you on a daily basis, will not trigger you either at all or very little, because you’ll be falling in love with yourself again. It’s accepting yourself as perfect. You are perfect just the way you are and yet you can be so much more. That will stop the self-sabotage. Because remember that guilt demands punishment. If you feel you are guilty or ashamed about something, you will absolutely attract punishment either from yourself or from others.

Above all else, remember that you make a difference. Whatever you are doing in your life, you make a difference and you matter. You are important and the world would be totally different if you were not in it. You are perfect exactly as you are. If you believe in the Universe, or God, or The Great Spirit, or Higher Self or whatever you want to call it, just ask yourself, “Would that Spirit or that Creator really create something so horrible in me? Wouldn’t that perfect being create a perfect thing?

That might be the philosophical question of the day – “If God and the Universe is perfect and this Great Spirit created me, and I am part of that creation, wouldn’t I be innocent and perfect?” When pondering this, I’ve always thought about platypuses – Why did God create them? How did platypuses get here? Why are they here? I’m not sure I understand, but they are perfect, and I am not a platypus.

So remember – I am perfect and innocent and accept myself for who I am, and thank goodness, I am not a platypus. More importantly, you are loved and you have the power to rewrite your script and put in the actors you want!