Make the Most of the Journey!

Journey-1Hello everybody! As we continue to grow and expand ourselves and we enter the holiday season, we’ve been talking about affirmations and gratitude, but I want to take a deeper dive into how we can stay focused on the things we think we want when life has another idea.

We talked about this exact idea in one of our Power Hour calls titled “Not Being Attached to the Outcome” a while ago, and as I looked back and listened to it, I realized that this is a very powerful topic. By the way, all of our Power Hour calls are available for free in the members section of the website – so if you haven’t joined the Healing Forest, now is the time.

So what happens to us when we get too attached to the outcome? We can talk all we want about creating goals and then following through with them, but when we get so caught up in the goal, aren’t we attached to that as an outcome? This could set us up for disappointment if it doesn’t turn up exactly when and how we want it. So if we let go of controlling the when and how, we can know that it is happening in Divine Time. Trust and Allow and Don’t Ask How!

What I’ve learned over the years – and what all of you who have taken the EOB workshop – is that no matter what you think or believe, the outcome is not always the be all end all to our lives. How many times do we reach a goal and say , “Wow, did it and now what?” So why make goals? The outcome may not look the way you planned and it may not get there when you want it, but the Universe is going to give you the outcome you need. Simply put, this is about precession – this is not just about the goal or the outcome – it is also about the journey towards the outcome and making sure that you are adding value while you are on the journey. Precession means bodies in motion affecting other bodies in motion. When you drop a stone into a pool of water, it makes ripples. Just as we do when we make goals and move toward them, we are creating an effect by our motion. If we stand still and do not have goals to move us along, then we have no effect. As long as we are adding value along the way towards our goals, the effect we have along the journey will add value.

Let me give you an example from my life – I might say, “I choose to have a fabulous workshop this weekend and I am wanting at least 50 people.” Now with me being focused on the journey, now I can say “or something better and I’m going to enjoy the journey along the way.” I’m not set up for disappointment, but I’m really attached to the journey. I know I will add value no matter what. The most important part, as we all know, is adding value on the way – then your precessional effect is bringing value as well. That idea of adding value to the journey is what is going to keep us moving along and gracious for the journey and the outcome.