Intuition or Thought Process?

Go within ...Trust yourselfI want to take a little time today to talk about using our intuition versus our thought process as you make decisions in life. The big ones, not whether to buy milk today or tomorrow.

This can be a truly hard piece to discern, but as a rule, if a decision is based on your intuition, you will feel it in your bones. The best way of explaining it is that you “just know”. Our thought processes reveal themselves as such because you are thinking about how to do the thing that you are thinking about. You are trying to “talk” yourself into or out of that decision.

We talked a little last week about the “why” of something, but when you are clear on the “why”, then you can understand where a decision is coming from. For me, my “why” was my son as I set about recovering from financial devastation. I made a lot of mistakes, but my “why” never deviated. I was going to provide for him and give him those things that I didn’t have. No matter the mistakes, I kept going – my intuition never failed me – it just led me into the places I needed to be.

That’s what the Essence of Being is all about – learning to manifest the things you need from within you – by getting your mind ready to manifest them! Pay attention to your intuition and understand how it can align your thought process. Go with your gut and give yourself permission to trust yourself! Tap into the feeling of your desires and use that to see if that is the “why” & if it is big enough. If your “why” is big enough, you are willing to make a mistake. Mistakes are learning experiences and the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.

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