Gratitude and Self Love


It can be easy to confuse gratitude and self-love. Gratitude is energy emitting from you — toward someone or something else. Love is part of your being, and must start inside you. Often, we look for love outside ourselves; we put the burden on others to prove that we’re lovable. That puts a lot of pressure on the other person.

If, instead, we can practice showing appreciation for others and having love for ourselves, we can be in the flow.

Gratitude, with the Law of Appreciation

The Law of Appreciation works when you name just one thing (even a little thing) that you appreciate about someone or something. That expression of appreciation creates a vibration, pings off something in The Universe, and comes back to you.

That appreciation will come back to you. It might not come from the person or thing you expressed gratitude and appreciation for, but you will feel that appreciation in your life.

This how gratitude works. When you express gratitude, you receive gratitude.

And love works in much the same way.

Self-Love, for More Love

Self-love works in the much the same way as gratitude…but it needs to start inside you. When you love yourself — your whole self — and see yourself as worthy, lovable, innocent and perfectly made, then you can grow and nurture yourself.

There are countless blocks to self-love working in our lives, and for many of us, those blocks exist on a subconscious or unconscious level. But once you become conscious of them, you can never “unsee” them. You can acknowledge them and move forward in love.

Tools for Growing Gratitude and Self-Love

In this podcast, I have so many good things to give you, so you can feel more gratitude, receive more gratitude, and have more love for yourself.

I will be sharing Doctor Emoto’s water experiment, the roles of guilt and shame, the things you were taught as a child, the four levels of consciousness, as well as affirmations and tools you can use to cultivate love for yourself.

So enjoy this podcast, and don’t forget to see what else is coming up on the Essence of Being Events Calendar.