Finding Your “Why”

What If -Last week, we talked about fear and how the fear of simply making a mistake can derail all of our desire to manifest our dreams in life. I’m here to tell you, that when you get passionate about your “why”, the fear goes away. But how many of us have stopped moving forward because of fear? We’ve been essentially told that somehow our mistake was an indictment of us personally when it was just that – a mistake. When you stop moving forward, you quit having a positive effect in the world. This is “why” you need to have a “why”!

That’s the biggest message here, not to focus on the “what if” but the “why” – when we become afraid to fail, we already have. Many times, it is our unconscious beliefs that slow us down and hold us back, and when we start focusing on the things that we choose and how those manifest in amazing new things in our lives, we again see what our “why” is. (There are some great play sheets in the membership site to help you out with finding your “why” too – hint hint!)

The bottom line is to take inspired action and not to listen to the “what ifs”! When you have that inspiration, take committed action.

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