Last week I talked a bit about how we let others view us and the expectations of what our children are “supposed” to be based on the group that they feel most comfortable with. The next step as you pull yourself from this box is to reach a state of enlightenment. As with my previous post, this one is based on an article that is available in the Member’s Area (which is free to join if you haven’t yet – just click here ).

When it happens, when you reach that state of enlightenment, the suddenness of the action is amazing. All the worries go away, all the negative self-talk (if there is any) ceases, and most beautifully, you cease to chase after things that aren’t important.

An even bigger part of enlightenment is that when you reach it, you find that you can only act with integrity. The rat race, fear, expectations, and worry about making a mistake simply vanish. You begin to move in light and your actions are reflective of your subconscious which is an unconscious competent state of being. You are in the flow without “trying” to manifest what you want.

Even better, you now are free of the “box” that you may have inadvertently put yourself into! The most amazing part of this process is the peace that you feel, knowing that you no longer need anybody to enable you and now you are free to give back that same love and light to others who are making their own journey.

So as you partake in this journey, understand that all of us are on that path, and it is not a matter of judging, but a matter of helping. Others – and yourself – are free to make mistakes; they are a part of the life experience. In the article, I use the idea of a child worrying about a monster under the bed and a loving mother showing that same child that there isn’t. The mother isn’t judging, the mother is helping. This is as much a part of the child’s journey as it is the mother’s journey, and as one helps the other, the abundance of the state of enlightenment shines through in both lives.