Don’t be Afraid of the Outcome – It will be the Right One!

Outcome-1Hi guys! At the end of November we talked about how the journey is far more important that the outcome, and I wanted to expand on that idea a little. This all came about as I was listening to a Power Hour call that we held a few months ago – and the best part is these are all available to you for free as a Healing Forest member. Of course, some of you may not have signed up, and remember, you can join us for free right here – or get even more benefits by upgrading your membership in the Healing Forest.

But back to my question about the journey and the outcome. If you aren’t attached to the outcome, some people will tell you that you must not have set the right goals. Not so fast!

See, when you start letting go and letting the Universe manifest the things that you need, you actually start setting the goals that you need, not the ones that you think you need. As I said in my post last week, now try to punctuate your goals with an idea like I use, “my goal is this … or something better.”

Let’s look at an example of how setting goals – the right goals – and understanding how important the journey truly is can make a difference in how you perceive the journey. In this example, perhaps you are looking forward to a retreat next month- you’ve got your hotel booked, the babysitter, and all the other plans ready to go – it is going to be great! You’ve spent this month reading up on the speakers and their ideas and you simply can’t wait. The Thursday before it starts, you come down with a stomach flu and can’t make it.

Now for some people, this would be a tragedy, but for the person who has set the right goal for this journey – “I’m going to enjoy this retreat and learn as much as I can about these ideas and concepts … or something better” – missing it is not the end of the world. Why? Because when you aren’t attached to the outcome and you agree that the Universe is providing everything you need, the truth is maybe by staying home, you needed to rest and you got to see someone you would have missed if you had gone. Have things turned out differently than you expected in hindsight and then you created something even better than you thought you could? We all know people (and maybe we are one of them) that when life throws a curve ball, we cannot adjust to the “new” journey. What if I told you that the curve ball was exactly what you needed?

That’s the key to not being attached to the outcome. Simply understanding that the Universe is conspiring to help you, not hurt you! This is how you grow, and when you open yourself up to
the possibilities, your whole world expands.