We talk in our Essence of Being flagship program about contrast Leading to clarity.  Often, you are not clear on what you want until you experience what you don’t want. You may think you want to live in the country with no houses around for miles, and then get there and realize as idyllic as it is, you feel disconnected.  As you whittle away at what you don’t want, you then become clearer on what you do.  Many people in our country right now are experiencing a significant amount of contrast.  It may seem like a tumultuous and scary time, but what I find extraordinary is that there is movement in our country, the likes of which we haven’t see in a long time.   People are finally standing up for what they believe in and “rising up” to speak out against what does not fall in line with their beliefs and integrity.  They are using the power of social media, peaceful protest and writing and calling their representatives to say, “This is not what I want”, rather than sit at home and complain that “nothing ever changes”.  Contrast has led to clarity.  Political views aside, this past election was also an example of contrast.  Many people wanted someone who they felt “tells it like it is”.  They were tired of politicians.  Again, contrast led to clarity.

One of the things I feel our country has suffered from is “complacency syndrome”. About half of the eligible voters in this country did not exercise their right to vote, whereas in countries like Ecuador and Rwanda, 90% of eligible voters voted.  Why is that?  Could it be because the stakes are higher?  Rwanda saw a mass genocide of 800,000 people in 1994.  Contrast to the most devastating degree. 

So how does the “complacency syndrome” show up in your life?  Are you in a job that doesn’t fulfill your passion, or a relationship that is stale?  Is it easier to just collect the paycheck and then numb out with alcohol, food or binge watching TV?  It can be.  But what are you really giving up by giving in to complacency?  The opportunity to have a life that you can’t wait to wake up every morning and live!  A life filled with passion and abundance!

Over the last month, we have seen people begin to wake up; to know that they can have a say, an impact on the reality we are living in.  The stakes are higher.  The contrast knob has been turned up and people are getting clear about what they want and don’t want.  When the stakes are high and chaos reigns, we are usually moved to action, often because we are forced to.  What I am suggesting is to get clear about what you don’t want, or more importantly what you DO want – before crisis hits.  Stay in touch with your inner pilot light.  Begin to notice when something doesn’t feel right or, you find yourself in joy.  Be willing to look at everything as an opportunity.  For instance, if you find yourself buzzing with joy teaching your grandchildren to paint, is that something you could do more of?  Could you volunteer at an afterschool program teaching art to children?  Every minute that we are in joy raises our vibration and allows our true passions to rise to the top.  By “following your bliss” you create opportunity.  Eventually you could find yourself getting paid to teach children to paint. 

I encourage you to use this time to get clear.  Don’t numb out.  Be aware of your feelings and how they show up in your body.  Use the momentum of this pivotal time in American history to know that you do matter.  You do have a voice.  You do deserve love and abundance.  Claim it!