Challenges are Everywhere

PuzzleKid-1So we’ve been spending some time this last month talking about how we can not be attached to an outcome in our lives and this has all come from a Power Hour Call we had some time ago. If you’d like to listen to any of these calls, they are available here in our Healing Forest membership site. If you aren’t a member, here’s a hint – it’s free to join!

As you go through your life and work on setting goals – and more importantly concentrating on the journey to get you to those goals – you are bound to wonder if you can achieve some of them.

Here’s a hint – YOU CAN!

Plenty of us question the belief that we can do something, and that’s when we have to know that the Universe is on our side! Plenty of times when I talk about the Universe’s help being there for people, they start worrying that the Universe may not be there. Guess what – that limiting belief is coming from inside, not outside. When you start to worry about whether the Universe can handle it, stop and substitute “I” for “Universe”.

“Do I think that this is a great goal?”

Sort of changes everything, doesn’t it?

Remember, the Universe wants you to succeed. When you get that clear in your head, everything else falls in place. So this brings me to puzzles.

Have you ever watched a toddler working on a jigsaw puzzle? They get attached to a certain piece and they have to find where it goes. Meanwhile, their parent or older sibling is busily putting together the pieces as they find them and the child is still clinging to one. See, that sibling or parent knows that the Universe – or the puzzle maker – has provided everything they need to complete the puzzle. That child knows they have to get this one piece done right now.

So ultimately you want to create your puzzle but sometimes you get so attached to a piece that you can’t let go of it. That’s where precession becomes so important to me about realizing that if I really want to get attached and focus on something let me focus on the journey and the value that I’m adding. The goal is not it. The goal is the vehicle in which I motivate myself to move forward. If I do not reach the goal in the time I want or the way I want, it could put me into a space where I’m upset – and that is not a healthy place. So what I can do is look at the outcome of this and say, “oh I’m adding value here and that’s the most important part of this journey. I’m showing up and adding value and that precessional effect will make a difference in the world. I may never see what kind of effect I have had, but I know it will add value.