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You may ask what is the Healing Forest all about?

Native Americans talk about a healing forest and how if you take a sick tree out of a sick forest and you nurture it and bring it back into a healthy tree and it thrives, and then you put it back into a sick forest, it may get sick again.

So they say to create a healing forest around you so that once you have been through the workshops or have the tools for a better life, then you can be members of our healing forest of people who will remind you how powerful and magnificent you are.

Sometimes, we forget the tools and the truth about us and we need others to remind us of higher consciousness thinking. We commit to telling the truth with compassion and helping each other grow.

You may ask what is the Healing Forest all about?


Sign up to be amember of the Healing Forrest!!

3 Options for you to choose from

Sign up to be a member of the Healing Forest !!
3 options for you to choose from:


The first option PINE is free to everyone, so go ahead and register for this one. You will receive a monthly newsletter, articles, worksheets to download to help you release the past and create the future, monthly meditations for you to listen to or download, and the intro to BubbleTalk, the unconscious thoughts that keep you from getting what you want video.

Also if you are a graduate of the workshops, you have access to all of the pics of your workshop!



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The OAK level and it is a paid membership that you can pay monthly or annually. ($9.00 per month or $99.00 annually)



With this level, you get everything in the 1st level plus:

  • Daily affirmations sent directly to your email.
  • 10% off any private sessions or coaching, webinars and teleseminars, live workshops (except Mastery)for annually paid members only.
  • Video download each month of instructional videos on money, business, relationships, communication, purpose, forgiveness and healing.
  • You will have access to archived webinars and teleseminars.




This includes everything from our PINE and OAK level plus:

  • 1 Free coaching session valued at $200.00 for graduates & $250 value for non graduates once you have paid annually.
  • Free classes to any repeat basic classes you want to take with no restrictions, which is also $150 value
  • 10% off all merchandise and online courses. There will be a monthly access code given to you each month
  • 10% OFF ALL affiliate merchandise
  • 10% off all coaching packages

Our power level or REDWOOD (this is priced $19.00 per /month or $209.00 annually.