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Affirmations For Prosperity

Affirmations are lies we tell ourselves before we believe them to be true. These affirmations are designed to start the process of millionaire mind thinking. By listening & repeating these life changing affirmations, you will be able to create a vibration of wealth inside & out so that you will see the effects & the miracles take place right before your eyes. If you can’t imagine or visualize a better world, then you remain stuck in your old scarcity thinking.

Meditations For A More Authentic You

Find out why the subconscious mind is so powerful and how you can use it to shift things in your physical world. Go to the top of the mountain & meet your most powerful self & feel the truth about your magnificence. Heal the wounds & bridge the gap between your adult present self & the little child you have buried in the past. Feel the essence of your true self & forgive yourself for past pain,guilt,punishment & sabotage. How would it feel if you walked & talked like the powerful being you are & was able to manifest everything you dream about?