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Includes all meals, cabin rooms double occupancy , private cabins available for extra charge, and all workshop materials

Product Description

Mastery is an advanced course that is 5 days of magical breakthroughs that occur in many forms. We give opportunities for you to break free of the fears that you currently hold and to get in tune with your vibrations so that you can become masters of our own reality. The course methodology includes fire walks, nature walks, ropes course, glass walk, metal bending, trance dance, channeling and soul retrieval. [See videos below.]

This is the time to:

  • Master your connection with your inner guidance
  • Open up further to your Spirit and Higher Self
  • Ignite your Inner-Fire!
  • Gain more clarity on your Vision
  • Learn to “bend the rules”
  • Master your fears
  • Connect to the master within
Some of the events include:

  • High and low ropes courses
  • Waterfall cleanse
  • Hot tub rebirth
  • Fire Walk
  • Metal Bending
  • Nature “Trust” Walk
  • Kudalini Rising
  • And, several surprises!!


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