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Essence of Being

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Product Description

Unity Church – North
4255 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(678) 819-9100

Early Registration – A 3-day experiential weekend to discover your definitions of success, how successful you are, and how to enhance your life! It’s about breaking old habits and changing methods that no longer work for you. Today you can choose to empower yourself with the life-changing Essence of Being™ workshop. We will explore how you create reality through your thoughts and core belief system with the principle of Law of Attraction.

Through this 3 day experiential weekend journey into self, you will become skilled at attracting success on your own terms by adopting a more powerful, yet peaceful way of being, while releasing blocks that no longer serve you.

You will learn to embrace all aspects of your natural abundance such as self-love, life passion, financial satisfaction, and your ability to grow healthy relationships at home, in business and your community. Essence of Being ™ is a rare opportunity to turn a corner in your life, meet people, and have fun all at once!

Join the thousands of graduates from around the world and learn “the secret” to being!

The Essence of Being™ provides an amazing way to help you manifest your dreams, and discover, or enhance, your special gifts. You will step more firmly into your power and see how to use goodness and light to better serve the world and yourself.

The goal of The Essence of Being™ is to raise the vibrations of people and businesses by compassionately facilitating a paradigm shift from fear, scarcity and loss to one of courage, abundance and growth.

Through a combination of simulations, role-playing and experiential games, Essence of Being™ specializes in helping you recognize the patterns you’ve created in your life. You’ll evaluate these patterns, determining if your belief system has served you well or needs to be updated to reflect your new approach to life!

Among the topics and games will be:

  • Tools to use for investing
  • Games that teach us how to create more wealth and freedom
  • Opportunities to clear your blocks to more prosperity
  • Does your “credit rating” determine your self-worth?
  • How to read and create your balance sheet
  • Strategies for “getting your house in order”

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