Virtual Higher Vibes


Virtual Higher Vibes


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$25.00 per week

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Product Description

We will be conducting teleseminars/skype meetings from 7:30-9:30 EST  for anyone who wants a monthly upgrade of their vibration. We will have a different topic each month and we will answer questions and discuss what matters to you most. Each month will be a $25.00 love donation or you can pay it forward for the whole year for $197.00.

These 2 hour faith lifts or vibrational gatherings will help you :

  • Stay connected
  • Keep your positive flow in the “right” direction
  • Meditate for healing and prosperity
  • Meditate for spiritual growth
  • Shamanaste speaks and answers questions
  • Give you tools to follow for the rest of the month
  • Allow your energy to expand
  • Create loving relationships with your self and others

Series will include topics such as: relationships, self love,  money, parenting, divorce, health, spirituality, and more…

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Join me for a 1 hour tele-call on the 3rd Wednesday of every month as I share the tools necessary to shift your perspective and core beliefs!
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