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The topics included for the series are:

1st part is recognizing patterns in your life for a specific aspect such as money, relationships, jobs, health, family or friends or  communications (have you ever heard yourself saying the same things to different people?)  We will identify the repeating patterns in your life.

The 2nd part is identifying the Bubbletalk (unconscious belief systems or self-talk) that is running your life. What specifically are you saying to yourself about success or motivation or communication or responsibility?

There are only 10 stories or  core bubbles that you can have. I go into them in the series in depth and we identify where you are in those 10 bubbles.

The 3rd part is blowing away the bubbles with various techniques. Shifting them to a different core bubble. We will be very specific with your core bubble. I will give you the positive aspects of your shadow side or negative core bubble.

The 4th part is action steps toward activating the new core bubble. I will give you specific tools you can use on your own to help you stay on track.

Also the 4 part series includes the 2 disc DVD set of Bubbletalk. I will be giving you exercises and a little bit of homework or homeplay to do each week that coincides with the DVD. I also have a few surprises up my sleeve. Each session is 90 minutes so we can fully participate together.  Only failure is failure to participate!!

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