Janie Lasik

janieBesides being a lead teacher for Essence of Being, Janie Lasik is a Managing Partner with West End Products, LLC, an environmentally friendly corporation that distributes maintenance products for trucks and other fleet vehicles, a real estate speculator and a high tech sales person for InfoLibria, a start-up corporation based in Waltham, MA.

Janie has spent most of her working career in sales, sales management, and consulting jobs all over corporate America. Her experiences vary from major sales in companies as large as AT&T to General Manager of XcelleNet during its successful IPO phase.

Add wife to Dennis and Mom to kids Amanda, Nick and Jordan to get a picture of a very full and joyful life.

Our Janie brings a unique perspective and appreciation for good health having successfully dealt with being an insulin dependent diabetic for over thirty years.

Her traditional education includes graduating Magna cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in Psychology. She has been involved in spiritual work since the mid 80’s and became associated with Essence of Being in 1993. Emotional Freedom Work, (EFT) and working with dream interpretation are her specialties. Janie also does ceremonies to help people attract their romantic partners. Excellent references are available on request.

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